Sites of Persecution

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Sites of Imprisonment: WUG II | WUG VII | WUG X | WUG XIX | WUG XXI | Rossauer Lände |

Sites of Military Courts: Hohenstaufengasse | Schwindgasse | Loquaiplatz | Otto-Wagner-Platz | Maxingstraße | Universitätsstraße | Franz-Josefs-Kai | Stubenring |
Sites of Military Police: Rossauer Kaserne | Franz-Josefs-Kai | Kohlmarkt |
Executions Sites: Shooting Range Kagran | Landesgericht |

Vienna was one of the centers of Nazi military justice in the Third Reich. Numerous organs of persecution were located here, in military district XVII: military courts, interrogation and torture sites, prisons and execution sites. Almost nobody knows today where they were situated and what happened at these places. The commemoration sites lie hidden within the city; such topographical knowledge yet is central for an appropriate remembrance.

Citymap of Persecution

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Lichtenwagner, Mathias: Leerstellen. Zur Topografie der Wehrmachtjustiz in Wien vor und nach 1945, Wien 2012.



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