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The Memorial to the Victims of Nazi Military Justice pertains to an issue that has until recently been hardly known to the Austrian public. First articles portraying victims and presenting historical facts appeared in the media in the 2000s in the course of the debate on the rehabilitation of deserters. Several scholarly books and articles were published after 2009.

Yet school books and adult education programs still lack any reference to Wehrmacht jurisdiction in the German Reich. This is why extensive materials were developed in 2015 and 2016 to convey the history of the persecutions of disobedient soldiers and members of European resistance movements by the military judiciary as well as its consequences.
The Federal Ministry of Education and distribute these materials to Austrian schools and various multipliers. The materials, which can be downloaded here, are meant for a broad audience: relatives and descendants of victims, tourists and people partaking in educational tours, students and all those interested in history and politics.

The development of educational materials for the Memorial at Ballhausplatz were supported by

  • The National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism,
  • The Culture Department of the City of Vienna (MA 7/Funding of Academia and Research, Stipends),
  • The Future Fund of the Republic of Austria,
  • The Federal Ministry of Education.
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